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Ensuring your Car Idles Before Driving is Critical.

Warming up your car is vital! Although Spring may be near, with cold mornings, it may be necessary to allow your vehicle to idle in order for it to warm up to its proper operating temperature. When vehicles are cold, certain fluids such as engine and transmission oil becomes thicker and do not flow as well as they do when the engine is at proper operating temperature. Driving your vehicle before it is warmed up, could cause premature damage to internal engine components due to a lack of adequate lubrication. Making sure that you have the correct amount of oil will also help prolong the life of your engine, feel free to stop by anytime during our business hours and we will happily check it for you at no cost.

Remember also with colder temperatures, pay close attention to your car when starting it up. If it sounds weak or slow when cranking over, this could be the early signs of either a battery or starter issue. If your vehicle is having problems starting up come by the shop and we can test it in minutes at no cost to you. If either part is having issues, we will let you know and can schedule a time to get them replaced, so that we can help you avoid being stuck with a broken-down car.

At DSC Auto, we are always here to help you with whatever concerns regarding any issues you may have with your vehicle. Make sure you check out our Facebook page and our current Promotional Offers page for special deals!. We look forward to hearing from you and as always drive safe and be safe.

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